Ultimate Dungeon Crawl

The first session

The first session was in late May, don’t remember exact date. Matt brought his gnome character (don’t currently have info on me), Nathan played his human ranger Bernhard.
They were two guys, starting out in the adventuring life, looking for their first gig. The local village had a bounty posted on the tavern wall. A group of kobolds had been seen in the countryside, pillaged a farm. A bounty was offered for their capture. “Should be easy” they thought.
After picking up the trail, the duo followed the tracks to a cave in the side of a mountain. Knowing the area, this cave was unfamiliar to them. They imagined it had been revealed during the recent earthquakes experienced in the region. Into the cave they went.
After navigating around tricky natural features, confirming that the kobold tracks continued on before them, they eventually found the natural narrow cave path opening up into a stone-paved room.
The tracks led on before them to an iron door, which opened easily enough. Upon opening the door, the two were surprised to see a wall of blackness blocking out any sight of what lay beyond the door’s threshold.
Unthinkingly, Bernhard stuck his hand into the blackness, and quickly realized that he couldn’t pull it back out! His arm would continue to move inward through the door, but he couldn’t pull it back. Short of cutting his arm off, he saw nothing else to do but go all the way through. The gnome followed.
The two quickly came upon a trio of demoralized orcs, tired sick and hungry. The orcs didn’t make a move on them, just called out to them in a short back-n-forth dialogue that went no where. Fearing the orcs would eventually decide to eat them, the gnome decided to take them out, an almost fatal mistake. There was another pair of orcs around the corner and down the hall! This 5-on-2 fight looked like it was going to end quickly, badly, for the guys, when in came the Deus ex Machina.
Elsinore Grumblebum is a dwarf, with a diverse background (cleric/rogue/warrior). Currently down on his luck, with barely a copper to his name, he also had decided that the kobold bounty posted in town would be an easy gig. He also followed the kobold tracks, then later the tracks of our duo, thinking he would be able to join up with them to make the job even easier (“better than killing ’em I guess”).
So Elsinore comes in and saves the day. Barely. He isn’t that much more experienced than the other two, although he can take a lot of damage.
After taking down the orcs (one surrendered, but the gnome killed it anyway), the group was pretty beat up and had to rest, and Elsinore expended all his heals on the group.
While resting, the gnome found a room full of bloody corpses. Kobold corpses, stripped down and pretty well mutilated. There went their bounty. Not that they could go back now anyway.. they found that the doorway was a one-way portal… you can pass inward but not out. The orcs had been trapped, seperated from their group, and had pretty much given up.
The now-trio doesn’t have much food, but with the find of the kobold bodies.. In a pinch Elsinore could cast purify food, but… urp.. gross.
The trio explored onward, finding secret doors and traps a plenty, and even a dreadwing. You know, vampire/squid thing, sticks to ceiling, camouflaged, then pounces..
The trio has explored between 5 to 10 rooms in the period of a game day, day and a half.


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